Options for Using

The Friendly Style Profile™ for people at work

... a guide through calm and storm™


Le Profil de Caractère Friendly™ sur le lieu de travail

... un guide pour les moments de calme et de crise™

Printed and online options are available to fit the many settings where the instrument is used.

Online PDF Interpretation Booklet and Online Questionnaire

Fast and accurate scoring, easy-to-see results, and no shipping charges … great for international locations. The online FSP is ordered by a workshop facilitator who receives a password via email for each copy ordered. A password is distributed to each workshop participant who logs onto the FSP website, enters the password, and answers the 20-item questionnaire. When finished, the participant receives a printed results page and a copy is automatically emailed to the facilitator.

As part of the order, the facilitator is authorized to download and reproduce as many copies of the PDF interpretation booklet, as passwords ordered.

Printed Interpretation Booklet and Online Questionnaire

A good fit when time is tight and professional materials are needed. Combines scoring speed and accuracy with the sharp quality of the printed, interpretation booklet. When the passwords are ordered, the printed booklets are shipped without questionnaire inserts.